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Meet Dr. Phillip Kamps

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Discovering His Calling

Dr. Phillip Kamps doesn’t remember a specific moment when he decided to go into healthcare—it was just something that was in his heart. This calling stemmed from his feelings of empathy for those who were suffering and his desire to help in whatever way he could.

After high school, he worked as a psychiatric tech and one of the nurses in the facility impressed Dr. Phil and inspired him to pursue a career as a registered nurse. He worked in the University of Minnesota Hospital for twelve years, caring for patients in the Oncology and Intensive Care Units.

Choosing a Proactive Approach

His own health issues during this time taught him that he couldn’t just rely on medicine—he had to start taking control of his own health, rather than waiting to respond to a crisis situation. Seeing so many patients in similar desperate circumstances solidified his desire to switch to a profession that focused on creating health from within.

Dr. Phil attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2000. He opened his own practice that same year and later worked in a variety of multidisciplinary clinical settings.

Taking Time to Listen

In 2019, Dr. Phil established Resilience Chiropractic so that he could devote the time necessary to give patients the quality of care that’s not always possible in larger, faster-paced clinics. He loves listening to people and finding out what motivates them, so that he can create a care plan to meet their unique needs and goals. As a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Dr. Phil has the expertise to provide specialized care for athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels.

Away from the Office

Dr. Phil and his wife of 39 years enjoy a quiet, relaxing life. They enjoy taking walks and bike rides and spending time in their garden. Their two grown kids live in Minneapolis and join them for family dinners once a week. Dr. Phil is currently the president of his homeowner’s association.

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