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New Patients at Resilience Chiropractic

When you schedule an appointment at Resilience Chiropractic, we’ll send you an electronic health history form to complete and submit before you come in. If we’ll be doing extremity work, we ask that you wear or bring shorts and a sleeveless top so Dr. Phil can access the joints.

Resilience Chiropractic waiting roomYour First Visit

When you arrive, Dr. Phil will greet you himself and take you on a brief tour of our office. The space is industrial modern, with warm wood floors and plenty of natural light. Then he’ll sit down with you and listen as you tell him everything you can about what’s been going on.

When he feels he has a clear understanding of your problem, he’ll begin your exams. These may include postural assessments, orthopedic or neurological exams and extremity evaluations, depending on your specific needs. He’ll explain what he’s finding and answer any questions as he goes through the exams.

Following the examination, Dr. Phil will let you know what’s going on and if it’s something we can help with. He’ll also give you an idea of how many visits it will take to get you out of the acute situation. Then we’ll start your care.

Your initial appointment will be a one-hour visit.

Future Visits

We offer three different lengths of visits. A 30-minute visit is typical and allows time for your adjustment and manual therapy. For patients with more extensive issues or who need myofascial work or shockwave therapy, we schedule a 60-minute visit. For wellness patients who just need a regular adjustment, the visit is 15 minutes.


We are upfront with our pricing because we don’t want there to be any surprises regarding your care. We are a self-pay practice.

  • 60 minute New Patient visit: history/examination, initial treatment – $160
  • 60 minute Extended visit: adjustments, manual therapy and/or shockwave therapy – $135
  • 30 minute Standard visit: adjustments and manual therapy – $79
  • 15 minute Quick visit: adjustments – $47
  • 30 minute Shockwave Therapy visit – $75

Schedule Today

Contact us today to book your first visit.

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